Grant Backes

Tokyo, Japan

Hello there!

I’m Grant Backes, an educator and science enthusiast who is passionately studying web development. At university and grad school, I studied physics, engineering, and numerical simulation, so I’m kind of a nerd. I’m savvy with Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and AngularJS, though I’m expanding my skill set every day. I’ve worked on various projects, like BlocJams [1], Not Wikipedia [2], and Not Reddit [3], so please check them out on my portfolio site [4]. I currently have over 11 projects on GitHub [5].

As an educator, I take learning seriously. I strongly believe that goal-oriented and accountable study is best, and accordingly, I'm driven by Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic, and Time-framed or SMART goals (yes, I’m a mnemonics fan). You can view all of my projects for the next 6 months here [6] as well as my study log [7] and GitHub commit history [5].

I want to write code for you. I’m looking for freelance, part-time, or full-time work. I live in Tokyo, but I’m willing to work remotely. While my background is in Rails and JavaScript, I have a history of being multidisciplinary, so learning new languages or skills is not a problem. Please send me an email or contact me through any of the media I’ve listed.


Ruby on Rails | JavaScript | PHP | Ruby | AngularJS | C++ | RSpec | jQuery | Firebase | SQL | HTML | CSS | Heroku | Freelance | Web Development | Backend | TDD | Simulation | Engineering | Physics | Research | Mathematics | Japan | Japanese


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