Robert Menuet

New Orleans, LA

By Day:I am in semi-retirement now, but I continue my part-time clinical practice in marriage counseling and psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapy. I have a degree from Tulane in French Literature, but never used it. I have another degree from Louisiana State University in Social Work. I have written extensively in my profession; formerly I wrote child custody evaluations and had to be prepared to defend them in court. Currently I am concerned with some fine points of English grammar while I work on my website for my clinical practice; I struggle with questions of descriptive and prescriptive grammar as well as inclusive language. I attend a great deal of training at the New Orleans-Birmingham Psychoanalytic Center, and have a certificate in marriage and family therapy from the Washington School of Psychiatry. For Fun: I write, perform, and occasionally publish poetry in English, and I take advanced French and Spanish Conversation classes. Here in New Orleans, I am a member of two Francophone/Francophile organizations and one Hispanophile organization, as well as the Louisiana Historical Society. Despite my interests in foreign languages, I am an Anglophile.

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