Artificial Stupidity

Water Closet

My parents told me that I was prematurely born without crying but laughing!

I love mathematics, physics, English, Japanese, Aikido, and computer programming. In addition to those hobbies, I also love eating, sleeping, cleaning, laughing and bothering other people. Feel free to let me bother you!

In order to appreciate your effort, I always vote your answer up no matter the correctness of your answer.

Disclaimer: If you value people only by how much money they have or how good they look, rather than their kindness and intelligence, then I am not for you.


  • Saint Seiya: Pegasus Fantasy

  • 僕は知能が平均以下で、空気が読めなくて、寒い男ですが、いつまでも君を傷つけずに、幸せにします。

  • いい先生がいなければ、いい本をせめて代わりに持つべきだ。

  • 愛は私が忘れようとしてもできない大きな錯覚である。

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