Hey, there! I am Eden, a Master of Information candidate studying Library and Information Science, who is from the United States of Amurrka; my academic background is in IT. I have a strange obsession with making databases, spreadsheets, and lists of dubiously-useful and/or obscure information.

While I have no plans to develop them—the very thought overwhelms me!—I do play video games, particularly Nintendo (but I recently expanded my gaming horizons tenfold). As a hobbyist voice actor and podcaster, I am also fairly skilled at handling (recording and editing) audio; Audacity is, of course, my application of choice. I also write short stories of a relatively wide range of genres, though sci-fi and fantasy do pop up most often. I also enjoy blogging (not microblogging), watching Doctor Who and anime, and singing. I am the Executive Producer of the ZUCast, a Legend of Zelda podcast distributed by Zelda Universe.

I am (too) fluent in English, semi-fluent in Español (Spanish), somewhat familiar with 日本語 (Japanese), and vaguely familiar with Deutsch (German). And please, never speak Pig Latin to me, or I will peench you. (I peench!)

Kittehz rool. Apple droolz.

Techie Knowledge

I obtained a CompTIA A+ certification in 2017.

*denotes skilled
^denotes learning
-denotes beginner (not currently studying)

*Windows (95 through 10)
*Google Drive
*Google Docs editors (Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.)
*Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook (2003, 2007, 2013, 2016)
*Regular expressions *Database design
*File organization/management
^Database administration
^Google Apps Script
^MediaWiki (administration/wikitext)
^Microsoft Access, Visio (2016)
^Linux (Debian-based + Fedora-based)
^Windows Command Prompt / DOS
^Bash shell
^Server administration
^Game modding (Red Faction: Guerrilla, Oblivion, Skyrim)
-Visual Basic
-Ruby + RoR

Updated 23 November 2019.