London, United Kingdom

I'm a full time dad right now and will be for the next couple of years (It's 2016 as I write) so I mostly code for fun and to keep my hand in. As far as languages go my true love is python (with django if the project has significant backend requirements). That said, after 20 years of random occasional programming gigs I have made my peace with most other non MS languages (Perl excepted!). I'm happiest on linux but, having done a LOT of support work in heterogeneous environments I can find my way round Mac & PC's pretty well too.

Right now, and largely owing to the recent upsurge in platform heterogeneity, I am heavily focussed on client side stuff in javascript/HTML5. It is proving to be a refreshing change from the mostly server side stuff I've done for ever. I'm still some way off loving it as a language but ES6 was a decent improvement which bodes well for the future. I've long dreamed of having a unified language for client and server, sadly it seems that will never be python so maybe in the fullness of time I'll go native and start doing my backends in node.js (node.js people all love coffeescript right!? ;)

I'm not really a gun for hire again til 2018/2019 but I want to keep my skills fresh and one should never say never. Consequently if you've got any small or interesting gigs going, esp for London based companies, get in touch via my website (and by phone on 07761-532-428 9am-9pm if a timely response is important).