Petter Friberg

Bologna, Italy

Born in Sweden but living in Italy, I have developed software both in C# and Java for several years and stack overflow has always provided good answers so it was time that I started to contribute..

I have seen that in java section there are a lot of FGITW so I'm under the oak tree in jasper-reports.

Not much repzz but I got a very nice award from the JasperSoft Community, Q3 2016 Featured Community Member, thanks again!

I'm one of the developers of this heat detection, duplicate questions and cherry picking Queen present in the SOBotics room, ping me in there if you need to tell me something interesting.

You may also find me fighting spam from the SOCVR chat

In jasper-reports be careful you need font-extension to display correctly font's in pdf (there is a lot of confusion), Font is not available to the JVM with Jasper Reports and many answers have been deprecated over time.

I have also tried to create some Q-A post

  • How can I export report to PDF/A-1a, PDF/A-1b?

  • How can I test if my font is rendered correctly in pdf?

but with mixed feelings, so now I limit myself to answer the questions as they arrive.


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