Petrus Theron

Cape Town, South Africa

Full stack engineer, product owner and engineering team lead.

I solve business problems with software. What makes my experience unique is that I can understand a human need, design a product that satisfies it, and then design, build and deploy it single-handedly - all the way from concept to scale. Sometimes I write about it.

Over the past few years, I have wagered a lot of my own funding to build products in various stacks, either in a team or as a sole developer, using: Python, C#, vanilla JavaScript, Java, AngularJS and Clojure/ClojureScript.

Products I built:

  • 2007-2011 Rhythm Music Store: online music store / record label that that sold 80k MP3s online.
  • MyNames: an API to register .CO.ZA domains and provision nameservers. Stack: Python, AngularJS.
  • a mobile customer feedback tool that used geolocation and SMS to bridge the gap between customers and retail managers
  • 2007-2016: iFix (now weFix) Repair Management System tracks 500k repairs and millions in revenues at 36+ branches. Acquired by weFix.

There are more. Happy to delve into technical details.

Good with people. Can communicate vision. Have recruited a bunch of engineers.

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