Caleb Kleveter

Louisburg, KS, United States

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What I do:

I am a Poly-artisan who is learning iOS development. I enjoy writing articles on Medium. I also happen to be prone to the XY problem

What I am:

  • I am a Moderator on the Team Treehouse community.
  • Coffee lover.
  • Join me on Codewars.
  • The creator of the Vapor package, UIWebKit.
  • If you want to know my thoughts on Stack Overflow, read this article I wrote.

Favorite Accomplishments:

  • One of 294 users to earn the Documentation Beta badge.
  • One of 18 people to earn the Archimedes hat during 2015 winter bash.



A little request of mine:

Please don't up-vote any of my accepted answers that haven't been up-voted or answers that you accept until I get the Unsung Hero badge.

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