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Martin Zaske

West Africa

About Computers: Trying to learn Python just for personal challenge and hopefully getting some useful scripts out of it for Scribus and other tools.

I am running some 11 computers; seems like I am the guy in charge - at least the team shouts for me, when they get stuck. And some network printers and some stuff; all this in West Africa for development and training, publishing etc. So I really appreciate several StackExchange communities like Linux and Graphic Design, not least the car mechanics one, which I discovered more recently.

I have done some SSH work and could fix certain things, but I can never memorize those commands. I muchly prefer making nice documents for the population or giving my humble contributions to Openclipart and Openstreetmap. I believe for this part of the world Opensource has a lot to offer. We love Scribus and GIMP and we are getting to know Inkscape...

About Electrical Engineering and about Car maintenance and repairs: I studied mechatronics many moons ago in Europe. I have a reasonable work-shop with some tools, testers and different voltage supplies. I can fix many things for our house and office. I can replace parts, if I find spare parts. But each appliance is special and I never worked in designing electrical parts, so I lack certain documentation and certain experience. I wired our entire house and office, including ground-loop. So far I have done all our car maintenance and all our car repairs for the past 15 years.