Mr. Kennedy

Madison, NH, United States

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I took my first programming class (with my mom!) in sixth grade at the local community college - BASIC. I also learned a little Logo but never did much with either except to make a lemonade stand and push a little turtle around. My first computer was an Apple IIe - mostly used for games (anyone remember Earth Orbit Station?). In college I minored in computer art. I've done a lot of feature film work with non-linear video editing systems like Avid Media Composer and I am very familiar with computer graphics and feature animation. Recently my areas of interest have been digital signal processing, math, philosophy, and am otherwise teaching myself programming and computer science. I started with learning Python and Ruby, and I keep doing what I can to learn C. Recently I finished a full-time, six month full-stack web development course with Lambda School. Now I know JavaScript and lots of tools surrounding MERN production. And I know my way around C a lot better too!

There's not much of any computing community around me here, so it's really great to have access to the stackoverflow forums! Thanks for checking out my profile.

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