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I'm a new gamer who has a small YouTube channel.

I really started gaming because my sis had an nintindo (am I spelling that right I don't know) and my fav game was Mario cart and it broke eventually then at that time is was 5 or 6 so I waited until like the 3rd grade and by then the only thing I ever did to pass time was watch tv and play Legos but at schools all my friends were playing Games on their Xbox but how lucky was I beacause I don't have one so I asked Santa Claus (yes I still believed In Him when I was that age) for an Xbox 360 and guess what I did I got a racing game and some other games I don't remember so I was happy and every birthday or Christmas I would get a new game well like 1 Christmas from the when I got my Xbox I wanted Minecraft for the pc so I asked for Minecraft on the pc well I didn't get it :( but my grandma had sent me some money to and so did my aunt and my sis and like 3 other relitives and my friend so I got up like 50-60 bucks and so I went to Walmart to buy Minecraft but I couldn't find it so I came home empty hamded so that week or so I had to go to my sisters house (yes she was married and owned own house, long story) because my mom and dad were on a date so I had to stay at my sis house and my brother in law had a Xbox and an Xbox 360 and Halo 2 and 3 so I played them and I was hooked I loved it south I borrowed both the games and finished them both within 3 weeks any way so about a month later I got Minecraft for the Xbox and eventually for the pc.

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