Emmanuel Rosa



My expertise is in NixOS (Linux), filesystems such as BTRFS, and storage systems such as LVM.

I can be reached on:

  • XMPP/Jabber: emmanuelrosa@xmpp.co
    • OTR fingerprint 5ECBAED6 6F08C5FC 670BB1C3 5242D1FB C39968A3
    • OMEMO fingerprint d63c9d70 ec65ad9b 0a565ac9 7a5627bf 53b78059 7425977a 1798a071 d4717f70
  • IRC (Freenode): emmanuelrosa
    • OTR fingerprint DABD9CB1 84CC31CC 2E609EF3 7831E2D0 7DCB1C6A
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