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M.S. in Computer Science Polyglot. Still near-native fluency in Swedish and German (lived in both countries). Somewhat Fluent in Spanish (self taught, read/listen better than I speak). Was German/Russian double-major undergraduate. Studied at the University of Freiburg, Germany for 2 years. Most of my career has been spent supporting Operating Systems (VM370), Speech Recognition (MS-DOS/Windows), Reporting Software (Focus), Sarbanes-Oxley related software (SOX, OpenPages), with an emphasis on solving problems for users of these systems. Have written a half dozen iPhone apps for personal use. Mostly to explore technologies: CoreData, Concurrency, WebViews, Charting (iOS Charts), Alamofire, Animation, drawing using Bezier Paths, EKEvents (using Apple's iCalendar as a cloud DB), play videos or audio files. Would like to manage a group of iOS developers, or start as an iOS developer myself.