I love food of all kinds. Yes, you would be surprised at what I will eat to find happiness on my taste buds. I love escargot, chevon and frog legs when they are prepared right. My favorite veggies are collard greens because they are not only tasty but less understood at how many foods they can lend flavor to. My favorite meat is yet to be determined ... I will eat my way to find "the one". My favorite meat thus far has to be smoked leg of goat but the eyes are pretty tasty too...and my addiction is Kimchi. Love the heat and the sweet; especially anything that can surprise me. I will not overlook any food and I'll try it again if I don't like it. Some foods are for an acquired taste and taste buds just need to be educated. All foods are tasty to someone or they would not still be around. I'm always on the search for a food that will surprise others and I always have a few up my sleeve. :P

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