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Miguel Angelo

Niterói, RJ, Brasil

I'm a former web-dev and now wannabe scientist focusing in machine learning. I currently study at UFRJ, one of the best universities in Brazil ;), and also work there in a research project involving information security and machine learning.

My passions are:

  • Machine intelligence
  • Optimization
  • Formal languages
  • Low level understanding
  • Exploration

I started my path with Visual Basic 5, at the age of 13, more than 20 years ago. Soon I found it insufficient, but I liked it, so started C++ and did a lot of interop with them, and sometimes assembly. Then I worked with a friend using PHP4 for 1 year. After my 1st try into university, I worked with C# for 4 years, and continued using it up to this date, though less frequently every year. At the moment, I am back to university, since 2016, and work with Python and machine learning doing research in the field of information security.

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