Mohammad Chamanpara

Sydney NSW, Australia

As a Software engineer whose experience spans over 14 years as a developer, engineer, software architect and tech-lead in Microsoft stack, I have proven ability to design and implement complex software solutions.

I have designed and developed several enterprise applications in windows, web and cloud platforms and have a strong ability to solve complex problems while enjoy dealing with new technical challenges. My natural inclination for enterprise software development is to build the application as suites of services in the microservice architectural style.

My journey started as a developer in pascal and then C in 2004, continued to C++, and then the object-oriented world of C#. A few times I have had programming language courses in University to lecture and share my passion with students. Designing the software architecture and implementing robust applications are major focuses of mine at the moment.

I did my master’s degree in Computer Engineering, Algorithm and Computations at University of Tehran.