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Scott Hannen

Clearwater, FL, United States

I'm primarily a .NET developer, but recently I've enjoyed branching out into JavaScript and related client frameworks.

After some years of "get it done" coding I've discovered the usefulness of practices and patterns that have been around for years, even decades. One of my favorite books, Code Complete 2nd Edition, has been around since 2004. I wish I'd known. If you haven't read it, read it. Give a copy to a new programmer. You'll make the world a marginally better place.

If we can't explain something then we don't understand it. So I write blog posts to see how well I understand what I'm learning and to share with others. I used to send my coworkers long emails when I found something interesting, but that's not a great way to communicate. People don't like long emails and they just disappear into the ever-scrolling inbox (or worse.) I'd also like to think that writing from that perspective makes it more accessible to less experienced developers who need really simple examples.

Most of my work involves WCF services, MVC websites, and SQL Server. (Still some ASP.NET webforms, but thankfully less often.)

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