Potterhead and avid reader since I was eight, I consumed everything there was to consume that was Harry Potter related. Books, movies, magazines, pottermore. I even ran a Harry Potter blog for a while there. Nowadays I go back to the movies and books every now and then, when I need to revisit some of my favourite places in the world.

Nowadays I am also a Whovian, although I am somewhat new to that fandom - having seen only the eight seasons of the new Doctor Who - I have great interest and a will to keep on learning about it and to get into it everyday more.

Finally, to finish the British trifecta, I'm a huge Sherlock fan, starting with the short-stories, followed by the movies with Robert Downey Jr. and finally resulting in my love for the series (which can never get here fast enough).

Among other things I greatly enjoy (although I wouldn't necessarily go all the way as to consider myself a great fan) are Deadpool, the Avengers, and definitely NOT Batman. The Simpsons will always get me though.