United Kingdom


I have a large interest in Aviation, Chemistry, and Birdwatching. My hobbies include:

  • Lighting my hands on fire.

  • Getting forcefully removed from airports, because "I cant keep taking pictures of every TSA worker and of every plane that lands".

  • crying

  • Drinking tea, mainly Black tea, Rooibos, and sometimes, Green tea, and the occasional Whiskey. Talisker Skye is a favourite.

  • Playing video games like, Destiny 2, Deep Rock Galactic, Kerbal Space Program, Minecraft, and pretty much every driving sim you can think of.

  • Rethinking life choices, and crying, but louder.

  • Telling my self I'll go running tomorrow, because tomorrow I will have more energy. I tend to do that, everyday.

  • And lastly, Listening to music. I have three playlists:

    1. Rock, soft rock, hard rock, pebbles, pop, and electronic
    2. Pretty much the same, but if any family members ask what I listen to, I send this one to avoid getting judged.
    3. Non vocal, instrumental music. Mainly if i need to concentrate, which is usually, everyday.

Aight have a good day.