Hi, i'm SONIC MIRE (also known as WARMAN​7785), i'm 15, an average composer that loves almost all types of music and i wanna become a great composer. mostly making music in a game called lbp2 atm. genres i like: japanese folk, european folk, middle eastern folk, death metal, deathcore, metalcore, thrash metal, nu metal, alternative metal, melodic death metal, groove metal, industrial metal, dubstep, drumstep, DnB, jazz (hard bop and bebop mostly), trance, blues, orchestral, liquid EDM, hard dance, funk, electro, psytrance, glitch hop, instru​mental rock, melodic metalcore, reggae dub, reggae, electro house (i hate most electro house) and more... i wanna make almost every type of music!. i consider myself a decent composer that has lots of ideas and is creative and i also make unique and generic music... ran out of stuff to type, so bye XD

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