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I tried getting a life, but Gradle stopped me:

apply plugin: "life"

Plugin "life" not found

Meanwhile, pip throws various compiler exceptions from sudo pip3 install life. The IT crowd suggests turning it off and back on again.

As for dev, I'm currently learning C++.

Some times I do some useful development (how useful is of course debatable), and other times I make useless stuff like this.

Also, I love music. My main playlist on Spotify has ~25 hours of music in it xD There's a lot of Japanese and Korean songs in there, though the majority is English. Some German stuff too. Pretty much all kinds of stuff. Some times circular

If you bothered scrolling this far, here are a couple editing userscripts:

  • Magic Editor
  • Auto review comments
  • Retagger (this one is mine)

Need something do do? Why not re-tag 44k questions with a mostly invalid tag combination? Or dig into data.SE queries for likely link-only tool recs, likely link-only video answers, or get rid of the greetings.

Some helpful stock comments: Aside the SOCVR collection of auto comments, I have a couple custom ones (mainly tag-oriented atm)

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