Kenneth Moore

St. Louis, MO

I started out wanting to write documentation. My degree taught me how to create documents that were easy to read and understand. I also studied human-factors, human-interaction, document design, and product development.

While I was in school I worked several internships doing documentation for companies that manufactured products. I created documentation and training materials for their line workers. I had to learn how to use adobe products (like indesign, photoshop, illustrator, fireworks and even after effects.) I also had to use several types of 3D modeling software like solidworks and 3ds max to get and export images that depicted the processes being documented.

I often created macros to help streamline the process of document creation and developed an interest in application development. During my last semester in college I taught myself HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and took a few comp-sci classes and learned C++. I decided I wanted a career where I could use my degree in Technical Communication and work with software. Thus I became a UX Developer...