Junaid Farooq

Sahiwal Pakistan


Hi. I do ruby & Elixir & Js.

In my free time when I ever have, I watch Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean.

If you have watched HP. there was a scene in which Professor Severus Snape and Professor Albus Dumbledore were talking to each other and

Professor Albus Dumbledore said: Lilly!!!

Professor Severus Snape said: Always!!

That's was defining a moment of the whole MOVIE series If you can feel it. You are on the right path my friend.

Last but not the least, I like/love/adore Phil Dunphy If you haven't watched Modern Family then do watch it.

I also wrote a medium article on hot upgrades with Distillery.

Ashfaq Ahmad & Dave Thomas are my ideals.

enter image description here

I do love to play snooker and Ronnie O'Sullivan is my most favorite player, He is genius, you should check him out on youtube. enter image description here