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Dan Brown

You don't have enough rep for this privilege.

So, You've decided to come and look at my profile, huh? well I guess I better force-feed you some random stuff. Hold onto your seats lads.

Android By Day, World domination by night. , I hate apple fanboys, so they better turn around.



  • I'm the resident Samsung guy. Well, one of a few. If the issue is Samsung, I'll normally fly on over.

  • I know TWRP, quite well.

  • I'm always thinking of new methods to blanket-kill questions by making universal answers. See, for example,


  • Some Allwinner Q8 that is full of viruses, bullshit.

  • A Bush Spira? I think? It's Mediatek, so I yawn stopped caring. Its OK, but not rooted.

  • The Wileyfox swift 2 plus. Love it. Stock 7.1.1.

  • My Legendary Samsung galaxy Tab 2. By legendary, I mean its 3 years old, has pulled through no less than 8 bricks, has had A bajillion ROMS stuck on it, and fell down the stairs.