Adam Starrh

Philadelphia, PA

I have recently entered the world of application programming in an effort to learn Python/Django.

I've started a business with a partner in Andhra Pradesh. We're based in his village and are focused on importing and selling almonds, among other goods.

Being that I've pushed Excel beyond its limits trying to keep track of our data, I decided the next step was to create a web-based application so that data can be inputted via tablets on the factory floor and evaluated from anywhere.

I have no prior programming experience and am learning primarily through random Google searches that turn up years-old advice. So forgive me if my questions seem obvious or strange or misguided.

Aside from the Django tutorial and the docs, these are the resources that have been mission-critical in taking me from zero to beginner in about 6 weeks:

CodeAcademy - Python Tutorial

Test-Driven Development with Python

My ultimate goal with Django is to learn it well enough to successfully put together my labor advocacy website: