Sergey Stadnik


I am an experienced Oracle developer / DBA, which means I am an Oracle developer with deep understanding how Oracle database works. I know how to write SQL and PL/SQL code for maximum performance. And I love writing complex queries normally required for business intelligence, data analysis and data transformation.

My colleagues regard me as a master in black magic art of SQL performance tuning. For example, I once was asked to look at a data transformation procedure which was running for over 5 hours, which was unacceptable due to limited run window. By changing just 1 line of an SQL query I was able to bring down the run time to 15 minutes.

I openly share my expertise with whoever asks for my help which makes me a go-to person when it comes to Oracle performance tuning. I also share my knowledge on my blog (

Most of my work experience was in financial industry: big banks, stock brokers, superannuation industry. I have an in-depth understanding of ASX share trading systems.

I am located in Melbourne, Australia.

If you would like to contact me regarding a possible job opportunity, please do that via LinkedIn.

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