Zach Mierzejewski

St. Louis, MO

At 8760 Engineering, I program with the .Net stack (VB.Net mostly, but C# when needed), administrate SQL Server databases, "fix" a wide variety of software and hardware, and do anything else needed in the office.

I have done work aggregating, validating, and analysing large amounts of energy data. This helps inform large campuses where it will be most profitable to invest in energy upgrades.

At home, I play with my puppies! My girlfriend and I have a rat terrier and Teddy Roosevelt terrier.

When I have the time, I enjoy working on cars and trucks. I maintain our house as needed (and sometimes "improve" it for fun) and help out friends with side projects. I sometimes dabble with Arduinos to control various devices around the house, such as my furnace, lights, and a kiln!

I used to be very active in sports, mainly soccer and racquetball, but also volleyball and skydiving. I'd be happy to kick your butt in racquetball any time! ;)

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