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If you're angry with me, please find me in chat -- I'd be happy to explain why I've made you angry over there. If you're not angry, you can find me at [email protected].

I do ruby. It's a nice language, you should to. I like ruby so much I wrote a library for it (a gem). I'm really looking for contributors if you're interested! Have a look around! That one was kinda dumb. But I made a better version here.

I'm also the author of a couple SE related rubygems:

  • SE Realtime - A library for reading the realtime questions feed at
  • SE API - An API wrapper for ruby
  • ChatX - A library for interacting with SE chat.

I love teaching CS! Wooo teaching! Teachers are awesome! You should join the public beta for Computer Science Educators. Also, I'm a Community Moderator Pro Tempore there.

Stack Exchange Q&A site proposal: Computer Science Educators

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