Mohamed Dekkak

United Arab Emirates

Mohamed Dekkak is known in the Arab world as an expat Moroccan businessman with an interest in developing start-up companies. Though he hails from Morocco, he has been living in UAE for a long time. His interest lies in helping startup companies in innovative areas from around the world succeed in the business environment of UAE. The business environment of UAE is alien to foreign companies. This makes it difficult for foreign companies to succeed in UAE. This is why startup companies see the guidance and help of local business barons. Mohamed. Dekkak is one of the most well-known businessmen in the Arab world. But that does not explain why people seek his guidance in matters of conducting business in UAE. Mohamed. Dekkak is one of the few Arab men who have an overwhelming presence in a number of foreign business councils.

Through these associations, he helps foreign businesses establish themselves in UAE. Owing to his membership in these foreign business councils, he is well known in foreign business circles too. Moreover, he can speak English, French, and Arabic. He also has high educational attainment. This makes him one of the most sought-after figures for foreign businesses willing to set up shop in UAE. Through this company, he offers guidance to foreign companies who are looking to access the booming economies of oil-rich Gulf States.

For the purpose of helping foreign companies, he has set up his Adgeco group in 1992. This company is active in a number of industries including oil and gas services, energy and power, engineering etc. The company also offers Technical Services in the field of Oil Installations and Refinery, Onshore and Offshore services for Oil and gas fields, Construction, Engineering Works, Manpower Supply, Economic Consultancy, Data Collection, Trading, Real Estate, Agriculture, Architecture, Landscaping, Site Development, Horizontal Drilling, Flood Control, building of Roads, Bridges and Rails, Tunneling etc. But more than this, Adgeco group is engaged in a wide gamut of activities in collaboration with foreign and startup companies. This is a holding company set up and operated by Mohamed. Dekkak. Mr. Dekkak offers consultancy to foreign investors through this company. He has so far successfully offered customized solutions to different foreign businesses. Mr. Dekkak has a vast exposure in different industrial segments in UAE. His exposure along with his Arab roots make him an ideal candidate to do business with. He can modify sales tips and marketing techniques in accordance with the needs of foreign companies.

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