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Hello kind and clever people.

I am learning VBA, SQL, SAS to challenge myself and hopefully progress in my career. I work as a "Data Analyst" in title, but in reality it involves mostly admin for a sales team that aren't computer literate (i.e. plotting graphs in Excel, Vlookup, formatting powerpoint slides, teaching them to copy and paste etc etc). To make it more interesting I automate some of the reports with VBA.

I am aiming to learn enough SQL and SAS to progress into a genuine business analytics role. Currently I am using a football (soccer) manager game I have developed in Excel as a learning tool - as I find it a great way to challenge myself and keep me interested. I am at the stage of moving the data from Excel into SQL Server and SAS to interrogate it and see what I can do with those programs.

(screen shot to be added when reputation allows)

I will probably be asking more questions than I answer at this stage... but I would like to also give back to the site when I feel I can be of genuine help.

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