I make stuff with computers.

Don't bother telling me to Google something.

If I'm bothering to pose a question here, it's because I've exhausted other options. If you can't answer the question, take a hike. You're not doing anyone favours.

If you're filling your time playing SJW (Stackexchange Justice Warrior) you NEED to get a life.

If I've posted a question that's light on details and you want to help, ask for details and I'll provide them. If I'm asking a question, maybe I don't know what details you need to answer them hence why I'm asking the question to begin with.

Truth be, one of the most helpful responses you can provide is, "Try googling X" because maybe, just maybe, I didn't know to Google that particular term and find the answer I seek.

Thanks for helping make Stack Exchange a better place for folks outside of Mensa.

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