I work as a programmer since 2017... yeah... pretty young official programmer... But I got a lot of experience before actually getting a job on the field. I notably participated in some hackathons, built several systems and got my diploma in IT that very year.

I used to work for a small enterprise in my city as a programmer in Delphi, PHP and Javascript, but now I work for an IBM company named LGS in Quebec where I mainly program in Java, but also in C#/.net, Javascript, JSF, JSP and VBA.

During my free time, I develop an awful game C# with my friends. Over time, this project became WAY bigger than it was supposed to be, but we have fun making it. I also challenge myself with programming challenges to improve my knowledge of design patterns.

I also code on CoderByte to solve puzzles in various languages, challenge myself in brainf*ck and spend some time on Stackoverflow to try to help people when I can, or just try to find solutions myself to already answered questions so I can learn things I don't know.