Henneth Annûn

If I could, I'd be:

A Noldorin exile(even though the crossing of Helcaraxë would probably kill me)

A Ravenclaw(Luna Lovegood ;-)) and friends with the Marauders

A descendant of Corin Thunderfist(Can't box, oh well)

A purple Dragon rider(like Alanna the Lioness, see what I did there?)

A child of Hermes(Luke is awesome...)

An Ekaterina(not like Alistair.. Never!!)

Someone with an aquamarine aura in SiNF

Klaus Baudelaire(Okay, maybe not be him. That wouldn't be too good luck-wise)

Endowed in Charlie Bone(with invisibility or flying or something)

As awesome as Shelby(or Wing) in H.I.V.E

Best friends with Blue Sargent etc.(in the Raven Boys)

A North born in East