I'm a power user of technology. I'm also a big fan of FLOSS (free and open source libre software), of selfhosted applications (especially Nextcloud) and a gamer.

My main computer runs macOS High Sierra (Hackintosh) and Windows 10, both natively and via partition-passthrough in Parallels Desktop. I have an Android phone (Galaxy S8+) and an iPhone (5S), as well as a rooted Android device (Huawei Mate 8) and a jailbroken iPhone (4S).

My server runs Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and I back it up using both Duplicati (for file and folder copy) and Clonezilla (for full system imaging). I also have two Raspberry Pi systems running OSMC that I use as basic streaming and media center devices.

I'm located in Italy and I can be reached via Telegram (@TheManchineel) and E-Mail (

Oh, and I love cats!

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