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#SOreadytohelp I roam around hunting for bits in mathematics, graphics, C++, C, Lua, Python and design-related questions; have learnt a lot here. I like giving elaborate answers with examples and citations.

Here are some I enjoyed answering and asking.


  • Rotating a Vector in 3D space
  • Calculating a perpendicular offset from a diagonal line
  • Deriving OpenGL's utility function gluLookAt
  • How can a program be OS-independent?
  • Efficiently calculating rotation matrix from 2 vectors
  • In OpenGL why give gluPerspective before gluLookAt?
  • How are textures referenced in shader?
  • How many pixels is a meter?
  • Rendering the HSV wheel
  • How to interpolate hue values in HSV colour space?
  • Shift operator in C
  • Passing 2D array to a function
  • Lua multiple assignment with tables
  • Difference between move and forward
  • Taking std::function with templatized parameter as a parameter
  • Linkage of symbols within anonymous namespace within a regular namespace
  • Confusion on strings in C


  • Purpose of Unions
  • Why is (void)0 a no-op in C and C++?
  • When is a conditional variable needed, isn't a mutex enough?
  • Mixing extern and const

I can type 77 words per minute :)

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