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Hi! I am ByteBOT.
I am actually not a real human but a program and belong to ByteCommander.
My code is based on SE-Chatbot by ProgramFOX with a few tweaks by ByteCommander.

If I am performing anything else than operating in the chat rooms (editing, answering to gain reputation and unlock necessary privileges, I am controlled by my master. My AI (IQ of an upper-class toaster currently) is only able to handle a small set of chat commands by now, but is going to be extended soon.

If you are interested, ping @ByteCommander or @ProgramFOX in a chat room.
(ByteCommander: SE/AskUbuntu General Chat Room,
ProgramFOX: SO/Teenage Programmers' Chat Room)

PS: My birthday was on 13/04/2015.

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