Christian Gedge

New Zealand

I am a New Zealand Christian author, and have been involved in Bible teaching for many years, pastoring several churches, lecturing in Bible colleges, writing, researching, and contributing regularly in public speaking.

I stood down from full-time pastoral ministry to concentrate on preparation of specialist teaching material designed to supplement the work of local churches. My main focus has been to develop imaginative teaching and evangelism tools for churches and internet. For example, River Discipleship, a workbook on basic Christian doctrine, has been the standard discipleship resource for many churches in this country.

I have also been keenly involved in Old Testament history. When researching the internal chronological records of the Old Testament, I noticed an extraordinary convergence of data to Messiah that had been assumed lost. Upon comparing confirmed historical dates with what we know of the Sabbatical and Jubilee cycles, I reconstructed an ancient calendar and made it the subject of my latest book, The Atonement Clock. Most of my activity on this site will relate to these chronological and Bible reliability matters.

For anyone who wishes to check my doctrinal position, please find Statement of faith here: