성남시 구미동 오리역


Hello, World!

What I Love

  • C#(.NET) language
  • Software Architecture & Design Pattern
  • Stack Overflow [See?]
  • Ubuntu Server
  • DevOps (such as Git, Gerrit, Redmine, Jenkins)
  • ASP.NET Core
  • WPF (Window Presentation Foundation)
  • Start-Up
  • UX Design

What I Can Do

  • Winform in Model-View-ViewModel Pattern
  • Java (Swing), Python (Django), PHP (Wordpress) language
  • Set-up Gerrit, Redmine, Jenkins

What I Hate

  • Code smell
  • NO official document
  • Subversion
  • Technical debt
  • Debugging Python [Python Code Completion is BAD]
  • Programmer design

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