I'm a currently a web developer, both at work and in my leisure time, where I'm also coding full-stack web applications using Python and Flask. From time to time I'm also playing video games and managing my servers (multiple websites and game servers), but nowadays I mostly spend times with my friends.
Also I'm an known regular and reviewer on SOBotics.

If you want to talk to me, don't hesitate to ping me in chat in the chatroom SOBotics, even if I'm not there.

For personal messages, you can write me an email to [email protected]. Please don't send me your question over to that address (I will not respond to them), instead, invest some time and ask a good, well-researched question here.

My motto:

Think outside the box!

My Projects

My active projects always vary a bit, sometimes I'm working on new things and other times I'm polishing some of my existing projects. I have a pretty much complete list of them on my website.