Tofig Hasanov

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

I have a wide area of interests and skills. My main area is Computer Science; however, I have also spent at least several years studying and practicing each of the following fields:

1) Psychology - particularly psychoanalysis, group dynamics and psychology of masses 2) Philosophy - Mostly interested in practical aspects, such as dialectical logic 3) Personal Development - Some might not classify it as a separate field of study, but I have spent more than 10 years doing research and consulting in this area and I know how deep and fascinating this field is. 4) Business Management - Systems and Control theory. Spent a lot of time working on startups as well. 5) Education - Tought Machine Learning, Algorithms and Data Structures and Engineering Design classes to undergraduate students in Qafqaz University. 6) Gaming - I have played lots of games, and I have studied them as well. I believe that we can borrow a lot of tricks from successful games, especially in the area of motivation, and implement them in education and other areas.

As for computer science itself, my main focus is Machine Learning, Multi-Agent Systems and Crowdsourcing.

It might seem that all these subjects are completely unrelated, but they are all united in the goal to understand various aspects of human mind: how we think, how we learn, how we motivate ourselves, etc.

This is what excites me most. I think that to make the world a better place, we should start with understanding and improving ourselves.

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