Robert Tomas G IV

Ann Arbor, MI

As time matures, my role has changed from being a member of uniformity to representing dissimilarity, not just physically but ideally. My being is conventionally expressed through that which has been created, yet intricately maintained by my personality. I am an pro-twitter hash-tag-Facebooker who has pressed the like button to the motto “working to live” many times. Music is the therapeutic groove of my life that enables the 808 of my heartbeat to realize the tranquility of just being for a moment, yet unrestrained sound reminds me the need for some chaos. I am locally grown (Atlanta, GA), artificially influenced (by developing technologies), and completely wholesome. I am dedicated. I am poetically convoluted, surprisingly simple, and politically entertained. I am a Mac and a PC. I am a team player. I am passionate.

My skills vary from advanced back-end to front-end web development, video editing, photoshop, networking architect, Raspberry Pi engineering, mobile application development, analytical research, business intelligence and research, and entrepreneurship. I love the projects I work on and thrive to master what I don't understand, seeking high learning curves and challenging environments.