Rubberduck Debugging

I’m a hobby programmer who’s been learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript since the age of 12. I’m very interested in learning about and working with modern Web APIs and the development of Web Browsers and the Web in general.

🦊 I love foxes. 🦊

(Hence my name. I also love Unicode characters, apparently.)

Currently studying computer science at the Technische Universität Berlin.

I’m usually experimenting with fun, creative, generative, visual JavaScript applications. My Curve Generator would be one example. My puzzle game Curves & Crosses is quite a difficult JS game.

I’ve also tried to learn Python and C++… I wonder when I will finally have the time to continue learning these languages…

<v:"Also, Befunge is my favorite esoteric language."*250

I’ve used Ubuntu for a long time and now switched to Arch Linux with Gnome.

Other interests of mine are game development, art (e. g. drawing with a tablet, pixel art, etc.) and music.

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