I'm graduaded at University of Sapienza (Rome), and I'm still studing for reaching the M.Sc. in engineering of CS. My thesis was about business process management (process modeling and mining); in particular, I've developed a software to test the influence of errors in event logs while mining (discovery and conformance checking). I've also worked in a 6-people team to develop a little social network (Android) for dog owners.


Each section contains skills ordered by decreasing frequency of usage.

  • Programming languages: Java · PHP · Lua · JavaScript · C++ · C · AnsProlog · Pascal
  • Query languages: MySQL (+PL/SQL) · PostgreSQL (+PL/pgSQL) · SPARQL
  • Web development and semantic web: (X)HTML · CSS · XML (XSL, XSLT, XML Schema) · JSON · RDF(S) · OWL
  • Other markup languages: LaTeX · MXML
  • Teorical constructs: Regex · DFA · DPA · Description logics · Petri net
  • JEE Development: SOAP/REST WS · JUnit · Maven
  • Version control: SVN · Git
  • Other applications: Tomcat · Joomla
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