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I'm me :)

"aksub" was chosen because: 1. I wanted to use some form of "ask Ubuntu" 2. "aks" reminds me of a girl I once new who used to "aks" questions, instead of just "asking" them :D..."ya know whattamean" :)

The lions were chosen because: 1. The Lion of Judah (also taken to mean Christ) 2. Lions get a "bad rap" (or "bad rep"?) due to overuse of ONE single sentence in ONE of the Apostle's letters to ONE congregation. 3. Lions can LOOK and BE fierce (as in the picture). 4. There's not only "lambs" in the Bible. There's also "lions." And good ones.

-SE/BH: "Silver or ['reputation'] I do not have, but what I do have I give you" (so far only "bronze" :P :D)

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