My area of interest in mathematics is mostly recreational, but I have studied some amount of undergraduate-level number theory, combinatorics, discrete mathematics, algebra, calculus, and geometry.

I was once active at Project Euler, and specifically P299 is from the idea of mine. (That problem has fewer solves than adjacent problems, but it's not that difficult!) Currently, I like to pose mathematically inclined challenges on Code Golf and Puzzling SE.


I consider myself proficient in Python, Javascript, and C. I mainly use Python for various scripting plus a bit of machine learning, and JS for my personal projects involving web pages and simple Node.js servers. I'm also learning Rust and trying to use it for various stuff, and also occasionally use Haskell for small pieces of fun(ctional programming).

More recent addition to the list is APL-family languages, especially Dyalog APL and J. I started using them for code golfing, but now I'm also practicing to write more idiomatic, readable, and maintainable APL (e.g. Advent of APL). I'm often active in The APL Orchard, and I'm happy to help other people learn APL and J.

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