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Born with a computer in my hands (not literally) and fascinated by it. Discovered HTML when I was 11, which led to C++ when I was 13 and Slackware Linux sometime thereafter. Somewhere in between, around 2005, I got into hacking/modding wifi routers with the WRT54G and other embedded systems. I also dabbled in HAM/CB radio, and some wardriving/parabolic distance wifi experimenting.

I am an Air Force veteran having served as a Radio/SATCOM Technician (among other things). Nowadays I am working on a Political Science degree and am furthering my education regarding programming and engineering as much as I can in my spare time.

I'm batsht crazy and disillusioned by the establishment. However, that is a conversation for another forum, eh? I'm on Reddit at -Phiosopath- and my blog is listed here as well.

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