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Vladislav Rastrusny

Moscow, Russia

I am:

  • Agile development follower (Scrum in particular)
  • Object oriented design practitioner
  • Git lover

I do:

  • Backend development in PHP (preferably Symfony framework + Doctrine ORM, but any sane framework will do)
  • Frontend development (I like backend development more, than frontend, but trying to do fullstack):
    • Twitter Bootstrap framework as a skeleton
    • Javascript (but I like Typescript better).
    • Install resources with bower/npm, build them with Webpack, leave extensive management to Gulp.
  • Deploy with Ansible
  • Test everything in Vagrant environment (CentOS-based images as a base for guest OS)
  • Database development (often MySQL, but I like PostgreSQL better)
  • Manage queued jobs with RabbitMQ
  • Cache everything in Redis
  • Fulltext search using ElasticSearch

Follow me:

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  • VK
  • Tumblr
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