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Here to help those that are willing to help themselves.

For the Bit about me stuff... I was misguided back in 1982 when I walked into my first computer science class. I thought it was the break room. From that day, all down hill. Built data centers in Europe. Worked a Government job for a bit. blah blah and blah.

Now I host servers and have done so for 20 years now. Wasn't easy in the old days, costs compared back then to now is like $1,000 to $1.

I have a few interests and some old sites that might help your search and your answer.

Sites I manage:

  • www.XtremeComputer.Com (Umbraco)
  • www.MySmallCloud.Com (Umbraco)
  • www.TruckAndTools.Com (ASP Classic Custom)

I have other ASP Classic sites that cover Job Boards to Online Community Sales sites. Don't let anyone say it can't be done. But on the flip side of the coin, don't think it comes without it's headaches.

Google+ +MurrayW

Other than that, don't get upset, just change your career path before it's too late. What was the line? Oh Yes, "Truck Driving School".

Simple solutions are not always the best solution.

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