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Western North Carolina Foothills

Hacking at Ubuntu to build a Portable USB VM Server

My current learning task for my Winter/Spring goal is to set my laptop up as a VirtualBox server serving Lubuntu and Windows 7, then get it to work from a USB Live stick.

=========================================================================================== My goal for the Winter/Spring seasons of 2018 are to set up my laptop as a VM server serving Windows 7 and various other operating systems that I can access remotely from any home computer or from my laptop away from home (assuming I get a new laptop, LOL) I am hoping that the server can be configured on a USB stick and that I can use an external USB drive for the VM images. My fallible theory is that I can move it to whatever computer I want to use it from. (I believe it won't work as every computer in the house is a different brand.)


I started with Ubuntu 8 back about the time Vista was becoming infamous. I upgraded to 9 and 10 and then stayed with LTS versions until version 16.04 LTS kept crashing on my SSD. I went back to Windows 8.1 which I upgraded to 10 in August of '16. This year, '18, I am hoping to set up a 'buntu based VM server.

My skill level is adequate for the most part, but I probably only teeter on the edge of becoming a power user as I only use CLI when and as I am instructed. I do as much as I can through the GUI.

This January of '18, I broke the screen on my laptop and attached it to an external monitor. I have installed Lubuntu 16.04 LTS but plan to install 18.04 as soon as possible. It is currently the only OS on the system, so I have it installed in BIOS mode rather than EFI, which I hope to avoid if possible.