Hello, I'm a programmer in C#, C/C++, Python and Assembler (x86)

I'm into reverse engineering in x86 and AMD64, also in MIPS but I'm learning it still. I tried also OSDev, created bootloader with graphic interface with HEX editor that can overwrite it's machine code (whole bootloader) and possibly crashing the system. I'll be attempting it more.

I'm learning Java now for more employment possibilities and open for more languages.

I used to admin systems including BSCS, Java Spring softwares, SQL;PL/SQL but web technologies are no fun for me. (quite good money, but I hated it). I also created gallery system in PHP, SQL and HTML/CSS- it was fun, but not the same as coding in C# or C/C++

Check my github page at: https://www.github.com/MaKiPL